Holly (hollcheer3) wrote,

first update in a long time

i haven't updated in ages, but livejournal seems like a excellent way to procrastinate some more now that i am at school.

soooo what is going on in my life...
i am going to school at amherst college in massachusetts. it is brilliantly small and welcoming and i must say that i love it. wayyy more than i had expected to. i think being in such a small town with a small group of people has forced me to have amazing relationships with the people here. for the first time in my life, i have a steady group of girlfriends. my roommate is awesome; she is one of my best friends here. my classes are very interesting; i love some of my professors and can't stand others. but so it goes. i feel insanely challenged in all my classes; everyone here is so smart. but i am doing well-its weird going from the top of your class to like a high b student. but it is worth it. i probably party a bit too much here, but that could be said for all of amherst pretty much. it's shocking how much people drink here and yet we aren't even a big state party school. i can not even imagine what one of those would be like.

i am still dating my boyfriend kyle. he goes to u of r and loves it there. i miss him, but we are making it work. i don't know; i get the urge to run free and sow my wild oats once in a while, but we will see.

i miss pittsford, but amherst feels like home to me now. i am more comfortable and happy here most of the time than i ever was at home. i really miss cheerleading a lot though, but besides my friends that is pretty much it. i thought i would hate being constantly surrounded by people, but i love it. i get my alone time when i need to, but i am pretty much always with other people and it is fantastic.

in conclusion, life is awesome.
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