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in the boat

currently i am seated in "the boat" as i fondly refer to it; more accurately it is two arm chairs that i put facing each other to form a boat-like contraption. it has become a favorite place of mine at amherst. it's in this little nice alcove, so it tends to be very useful for doing work.

i heart mytunes. it is so great. i hadn't really been downloading music since i got my new laptop, but now i'm getting all this great music for free (stealing, schmealing- i don't want to start that debate). anyways, i'm getting back into fun jammy music that i haven't listened to in a long time (phish, dave, moe., string cheese...), and i am enjoying it thoroughly. i find many people at amherst tend to be what i like to call "musical elitests." well i suppose they are just elitests in general, but i digress. it seems very frequently to be about who can like the most obscure bands. death cab is a requiste for any place list. oh well, it's not like i don't enjoy those types of music- just not the attitude that can go along with it.

oh and i want to go to bonnaroo next year.
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