Holly (hollcheer3) wrote,

well i haven't updated in a while, but yeah.
home has been good. kyle has been really good. i still have questions, but i'll always have questions cause that's just me. oh well. i love him; i should just enjoy the ride.

i want to go back to the 'herst, but i'm not prepared to start work again. laziness has gotten the best of me this break. too much tv, not enough reading. but at least i have that week before classes start to get all my partying/laziness out of my system so i can really focus next semester. i need to be way better next semester. i can drink like a fish still, but i need to be way more effective with my nonhungover time so i'm not attempting to do all my work on sundays while being hungover/watching football.

but yeah. i don't even know why i update this thing anymore.
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